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Great service- BEAUTIFUL engraving!!!
We could not be happier with the customer service and the craftmanship! Also the speed was unbelievable!!! Thank you Travis.

Patricia Lutkins


The first time I walked into Corwin Jewelers several years ago was to see whether they could fix an old watch that had sentimental value for me. I quickly learned that Corwin’s is a family concern with all the values that implies. If you haven’t been yet, go. You’ll receive thoughtful, personal service. Of course, the merchandise is beautiful as well.

Justin Cushing


"It always wonderful to come to your store! Such friendly service and every task is important. Thank you so much and see you soon".

Ronald & Janice Imundi


We made two purchases this past Saturday, 10/7/17, during the special on-going sale. Our decisions were difficult since there were so many attractive and well-priced vintage pieces to consider. Mariah, the jeweler, and Mita, the sales associate, were well-informed and helpful. Corwin's is a well-respected establishment in Southampton and a family owned business. I strongly suggest that you consider this establishment before you make any major purchase. Continued success to Travis and his staff.

Joanne M.


Thank you to the entire staff at Corwins Jewelers for their professional, friendly and honest service. I brought in my diamond earring, which had been damaged, for the jeweler to determine if it could be repaired or needed to have the setting replaced. The jeweler said it could be repaired and, within 10 minutes, it was returned to me in "good as new" condition at no charge! Corwins is truly a hometown, family business and will be my go to jeweler! I highly recommend them!



Very Nice place and very welcoming. They fixed my watch at no charge. The customer service was excellent!

Donna Oplinger

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Travis was a blessing to me by gently cutting my wedding band off.
Corwin's Jewelers have always been reliable and able to do magic with jewelry.

Judy Johnson


Travis did a great job restoring our family sterling silver flat ware. It looks like new!

Judy Johnson


Travis did a great job restoring our family sterling silver flat ware. It looks like new!

Mark Hughes


I have an antique Rolex watch that had greatly tarnished over the years. Standard cleaning was not an option as the watch band was a fold over and glue band which was quite old in of itself. The jeweler on hand most graciously cleaned the watch with a cleaning cloth and a lot of elbow grease. Now my Rolex has that old patina back! Hooray for Corwin Jewelers!

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Louis Clough

August 13, 2018

I've had the pleasure working with Travis at Corwin's Main Street Jewelers. He's extremely knowledgeable and took care of me. I could not be more happy with my experience. Give Travis a try and you will not be disappointed

Julia Gaines

March 12, 2018

The best place around to get your jewelry or watch repaired, if they are not busy it's usually finished within a half hour. They removed links from my watch for $25, 15 minute wait, and returned the links and pins in a little plastic baggy. Now if I ever want to give the watch away, it still has all its parts. Very considerate and pleasant staff.

Dennis McCaffrey

August 13, 2018

Great store! Very friendly staff.

Karin Immerman

May 24, 2018

Very nice people the owner is on site and a lo Ely store in Southampton Village

Katie Dunn

August 5, 2012

Wonderful family run business. Quality merchandise, helpful staff, something for everyone. Much better than other jewelry stores nearby who advertise as having something for everyone/every budget. The product was of a higher quality with a price that was fair and the staff was incredibly helpful...something that you might not know unless you're sure of what you're looking for. Finding a jeweler you can trust is as difficult as finding a mechanic you can trust. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to spend anything from $50-$30,000.

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Joshua H.


As I have confessed to the Corwins, I had lost nearly all joy in the ring-finding process before I walked into their shop. With the color of the stone a...READ MORE